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Crap From The Past - Bonus: KJ104/Minneapolis, "Rewind '91", January 1, 1992

Published January 1, 1992

Radio aircheck


Taped on hi-fi VCR tape from KJ104, 104.1 KJJO-FM/Minneapolis by Ron Gerber. The odd notation in the filenames is the time of day; segment 1 is from 5:39 PM to 6:52 PM, and segment 2 is from 6:52 PM to 8:05 PM.

This is a countdown of the top modern rock hits of 1991. I caught the last 2-1/2 hours of their 8 hour countdown. There is a little bit of hiss due to the radio reception; it can be eliminated by pushing the "mono" button during playback.

I would be very interested in a more pristine or complete copy of this; if you or someone you know has one please contact me through the contact link at


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